Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Bromley Losing Out under Labour Mayor

The Labour Mayor of London has been criticised after a new report revealed that only 0.3% of the Mayor’s budget has been invested into Bromley since 2016.

Figures obtained by the Conservatives group on the London Assembly have revealed that since Labour won control of City Hall in 2016, Bromley has received £43 million from City Hall. Neighbouring Southwark has received more than 16 times that amount on with £728 million. The borough with the biggest investment is Newham with a staggering £2.1 billion. The figures mean Bromley has received 0.3% of the Mayors multi-billion budget.

Under the previous Conservative Mayor, Boris Johnson, Beckenham High street benefitted from a £4.4 million upgrade to the high street and Conservative-run Bromley Council have invested £450k in improving Penge High Street.

Beckenham Councillor Michael Tickner, who was a leading figure in securing the Beckenham High Street improvements, criticised the Mayor saying “I find it shocking that over the last three years Bromley has only received 0.3% of the multi-million-pound pot that every tax payer in Bromley pays into. It is clear now that Labour don’t care about Bromley and a Labour Mayor will never be a Mayor for all of Greater London”.